3D Art Activates Kids’ Creativity

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Kids love iColor3D!

Kids' reactions when they see iColor3D books for the first time are priceless!


Everyone is always talking about the reactions people have to our 3D coloring books. While it’s true that everyone reacts, it’s the kids’ reactions that are just priceless. But there’s a lot more to the experience than just the 3D aspect of the books.

The 3D aspect is the activator of the artistic process, and that is pretty cool. When we say “activator,” what we mean is that the 3D helps activate a child’s imagination and hopefully interest in the artistic process. As we all know, art, design, and music are all important parts of childhood development. The 3D effect helps motivate kids, who otherwise may not be so inclined, get into art and help develop a healthy interest.

Of course, we still get excited with the reactions! But an interest in being creative is a good side benefit of the process. Just as grown-ups with limited interests are often called “One Dimensional” our iColor 3D coloring books hopefully add another dimension (or two or three) to your kid’s life!


iColor3D Coloring Tips: Adding Texture

September 23, 2010 at 11:09 pm | Posted in iColor3D Coloring Tips | Leave a comment

Try adding some texture to your art with this awesome technique!

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