Great Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea… Be a 3D Dinosaur!

October 27, 2010 at 10:22 pm | Posted in Blog | Leave a comment

Halloween is less than a week away, and chances are you haven’t quite figured out costumes for your kids yet. Nothing is worse than a cheesy, store-bought costume that tons of kids are going to have, so homemade costumes are definitely the way to go!

Inspired by Rex from Toy Story 3 and IColor3D’s dinosaur coloring book, we have come up with a super easy “no-sew” T-Rex Dinosaur costume! This outfit is extremely easy to make and pretty cheap too! All you need for this costume is a pair of green sweat pants, a matching green hooded sweatshirt, some sturdy fabric, and a glue gun!

After you find a green sweat suit, get your matching fabric (we recommend fleece or felt) and measure from your child’s waist to knee, cut the fabric in a triangular, tail-like shape, and simply hot glue the “tail” to the base of the sweatshirt. The next step is to cut about seven small triangles out of white felt that will be the dinosaur’s teeth. Hot glue the “teeth” along the brim of the hood and your child will be instantly transformed into a scary T-Rex!

Just as there were many species of dinosaurs, there are many variations to this costume. Spots, stripes and horns can be added to create some of your kid’s favorite dinosaurs. To create a Dino (from the Flintstones) costume, get purple sweats and add some black spots and a blue collar.  Buddy (from Dinosaur Train) is another easy character to create, use an orange sweat suit and glue on some blue scales from the top of the hood all the way down the back of the suit.

Aside from this costume being easy, quick, and cheap, it is really warm, so you won’t have to worry about your child getting cold while trick or treating.  For inspiration or to get a visual, be sure to check out these links that have great tips and techniques for creating a homemade dinosaur costume:


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