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When is a coloring book something much more than just a coloring book? Tri-Smart’s new iColor3D line has re-invented what a coloring book can be with amazing three-dimensional graphics. Children not only color, but are also immersed in scenes that virtually jump off the page.

Tri-Smart put together a group of renowned 3D artists and the results are simply amazing. Tri-Smart’s DimensoramicTM iColor3D process has to be seen to be believed.  Do your own “focus group” and watch kids pick up an iColor3d book and listen to the adjectives fly.

“Awesome!”  “Cool!” and “Wow.”

These reactions are always followed by a huge smile and the astonishment of discovery. But don’t just experience iColor3D second hand, put on the included 3D glasses and look for yourself. How about a Tyrannosaurus Rex that looks like its going to jump out of the book in search of a meal, or how about a honey bee that looks so much like he’s hovering above the page that people try to put there hand behind him to double check!

Look at these features:

  • Three different books – Deep Sea 3D, Dinosaurs 3D, and Playground 3D
  • Adorable creatures that kids love!
  • World class 3D illustrators who utilize cutting-edge iColor3D DimensoramicTM technology.
  • High quality 3D glasses included with every book
  • Complete instructions and ease of use. Anyone can enjoy iColor3D
  • Fun for all ages
  • Compatible with regular crayons, colored pencils, markers or any coloring tools you can imagine!

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